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A Design Story: A Timber Frame Home Designed to Compliment an Already Existing Pool

As a log home company with a focus on custom design services, we get to interact with some truly phenomenal people who come to us with their own unique design inspirations. Recently, we started sharing some of our most unique design stories at our Floor Plan Blog but thought some of the log and timber home enthusiasts at would enjoy these stories as well. In the story below, our clients' names have been changed for privacy reasons, but we hope their story inspires you as much as it did us!

Michael and Denise came to us with a unique design request, one that we had never heard before. They wanted to design a Craftsman style home around their already existing swimming pool. Why build a home around a swimming pool? A great question and one that we had to ask as well!

Recently, Michael and Denise purchased a home built in the late 1980s but it wasn’t the home itself that had them sold. The layout of the home they purchased featured a formal entry, separated living areas, and smaller bedrooms with wardrobe closets. A design and layout very typical of the 1980s but not so appreciated by Michael and Denise in the present day. But, the home was nestled in a heavily wood area in Granite Falls, WA, complete with distant views of the beautiful Cascade Mountains and a pool with a one-of-a-kind story.

The most outstanding feature of this 1980s home is the kidney-shaped pool located in the daylight basement. This pool took quite a bit of planning and hard work to get it positioned perfectly. Huge granite boulders buried deep in the landscape that Michael and Denise love so much were carved out to make room for a pool. Their existing 1980s home is to be torn down (while saving the pool) and replaced with a Craftsman style, timber frame home complete with a contemporary flair. The layout of their new home will feature a more informal and open design incorporating new spaces and features such as offices, a workout room, a steam room, a caretaker’s apartment over the garage, and an elevator.

Well, it sounds like a great project and a fun challenge. One that the team at Mountain Architects is eager to take on! Be sure to check back with us periodically at as we plan to follow this project all the way through.

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