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Designing and building a custom hybrid home opens the door to many design possibilities that other rustic building styles do not always offer. With so many choices available, it is sometimes overwhelming for homeowners to make comfortable decisions and stay on top of the building process. One of the services that Wisconsin Log Homes offers is in-house interior design services and products, wrapping up the ultimate design & build experience.

At Wisconsin Log Homes, working with an interior designer does not stop inside the home. Working with each client from the preliminary planning stage to completion, we are able to assist with exterior finish selections like stain, window cladding, hardware and roof colors.

In addition to assisting with coordinating package components, Wisconsin Log Homes also designs a furniture layout customized for each home plan so clients can get a better sense of proportion to their home plan on paper, and to make sure each room will live up to its expectations before the home is built.

Important facets of deliberate space planning include furniture and lighting placement (including must-have floor and mantel outlets), walkways around furniture, islands and posts, and even where to place treasured pieces that many homeowners plan to incorporate from their existing home.

Beyond taking space planning to the next level, Wisconsin Log Homes has access to a vast array of interior goods like furniture, cabinetry, decorative lighting and accessories.
An extensive resource library, both from catalog and online sources make finding that unique look almost effortless on the homeowner’s end. And if a truly custom piece cannot be found, or is requested, it can often be made right along side the new home.

Complete consultative services include full-circle interior design assistance with paint and finish colors, flooring, cabinetry, masonry selection, doors, and even help on move-in day.

Homeowners are encouraged to continue their design process even after they move in. As the needs of you and your home change, designs in good taste are a continual evolution of who you are. Homeowners coming back to Wisconsin Log Homes to pursue their ongoing design plans is a great way for us to stay connected with our clients, letting them know that we care about their comfort level and satisfaction for as long as they own their home.

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Comment by Stephanie Hintz on September 22, 2008 at 5:03pm
You are exactly on the mark with your feelings. Although some homeowners have a clear sense of what they want their home to look like, many do not and really appreciate some professional help with making decisions. It is better to buy once, rather than buy twice because the first choice didn't work out. Or have to live with something a little less than originally desired! Being straightforward with a budget with your trusted designer is a big help. This is important, as most designers actually do everything they can to give you the look that you want, within your budget, and if there needs to be a compromise with some elements, its easier to deside what stays and what gets modified on the wish list. With accurate information, a designer can help guide you through the process, keep you on track when expeditures start looking loose, and maybe leave enough change left over to finish a space that might have not been originally included in the project.
Comment by Tom Heatherington on September 22, 2008 at 4:27pm
Stephanie, this is such great advice and often goes unheeded by so many people (as I'm sure you know). Most of us (me included) believe that we know what we want or the look we want to create, but it often ends up as a trial and error mess. We think we will save money by doing everything ourselves, but the truth is that a professional will usually guide us better and save us money in the long run.

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