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Some people ask why a girl like me would love log homes. Well, there's a simple answer to that one... I believe log homes bring families together. Like my family - some of my fondest childhood memories took place at my Grandsha's (Grandsha is Grandfather in Welsh) cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

My mom still remembers the day her dad took her to see the cottage... they looked at several before that but none of them *felt right* like our cottage did. It was built on Pigeon Lake in the early 1900's - the place was definitely a classic! I think some kind of royalty lived there. Anyway, throughout her childhood, Grandsha and his wife would bring my mom and her sister to the cottage for the weekend. They even built a "sleeping cabin" - a one-room cabin closer to the lake with a sauna built on the side. After my cousins and I were born, the group got larger and they added more new fun things to do like kayaks, canoes, rafts, a hammock, etc... I never really got to see my cousins much because they live in Canada so I loved going to the cottage and swimming, fishing, canoeing, exploring wild woods, looking for beavers and loons (ducks) with them! Even in the winter, my Grandsha would build a huge bonfire in the middle of the lake to burn all the dead wood collected over the summer. I would NEVER go near it in fear that I would fall through! He was a lot more brave than I was. :)

I used to hate it when my mom & Grandsha would grab a drink (a Pimms - some kind of gin (?), sprite, and fruit on ice) and sit on the deck and look at the lake. It was so boring to me. Since then my Grandsha and his wife have passed and the cottage has been handed off to another doctor that worked with him in Toronto (who probably gets more use out of than any of us ever would). I would give anything to sit on that dock with him again. Now, all I have to enjoy are the memories I have with him at our log home in middle-of-nowhere Ontario... I will never forget them.

The cottage...

The sleeping cabin...

Swimming with my cousins...

And my favorite, Grandsha with the duck :)

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