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Here's the link to our Flickr log home photoset. You can follow the construction of our home here. We also have several YouTube videos taken during the construction process. Just search on "log home" in the Videos search window on my channel page to see all of them.

Our home was completed in May 2008. We're located in East Tennessee, about an hour SW of Knoxville in the Tennessee Valley. We're thrilled with it.

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Comment by Donald Parsons on June 30, 2008 at 5:20pm
Scott: - WOW, what a BEAUTIFUL log home you have. From all the photos you took it looks/sounds like you had a good time going thru the process of building. You do have a photo showing some carpenter bees at work. You may want to consider going to and clicking on the "carpenter bee" tab on the left hand side of the page. They have a wonderful kit that will definately eliminate these bees. Another solution can be found at For information on how to use them, click on the "Product Information" button. These chambers trap the bees so they can not do any further damage to the wood around your house. You do want to make sure to eliminate the bees and larva from inside the holes already drilled in your home BEFORE you seal the hole. Otherwise you will come back next year and find they have drilled OUT of the hole!!!! The nature of the bees if fully explained on the e-bug web page and is quite informative. A third solution depends on the type of exterior finish you used on your log home. Some finishes are compatable with the carpenter bee repellants that are added directly to your exterior finish stain/sealer and will keep these bees off your logs, trim, facia, etc. One such product is NBS-30 and may be found at You should always contact your exterior finish supplier to ask if these or similar products will work with the finish. Keep the bees off/out of your home now and you'll have less and less of them over time. If you neglect the holes, you'll have more and more bees each year. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful log home. I can only wish you as many years of happiness in yours as I have spent the last 16 years in mine! Cheers - Donald

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