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3 Improvements to Get the Most out of Your Getaway Home

While renovating a summer home or vacation property may not warrant the same investment of time and effort as a primary residence, the right improvements can still make a substantial difference. Upgrades that are smaller in scope can still help to boost property values and allow you to create the getaway home of your dreams. Finding the right focus for your next renovation or upgrade can make all the difference.

Curb Appeal

Exterior upgrades are often much easier and less expensive than interior renovations. Projects like landscaping improvements or new exterior siding can often be completed without the need for the property owner to remain on-site, making them an ideal choice for investment properties or vacation homes. Arranging for professional deck builders, landscapers and other contractors to complete the work during the off-season can provide you with access to a more attractive and comfortable getaway home in time for your next holiday.

Energy Efficiency

Utility costs are rarely a main concern when it comes to planning a holiday, but monthly bills can quickly add up. Replacing existing insulation, installing solar screens and upgrading appliances to take advance of more energy-efficient equipment options can all help to produce a more sustainable and cost-effective household environment. Saving money on utilities can provide you with extra funds that may be better spent on other aspects of your trip, holiday or vacation.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

If you are going to invest in a traditional interior home improvement, it pays to concentrate your efforts where they will have the greatest impact. A cozier bedroom or a bathroom that makes use of the latest fixtures, appliances and installations can often provide the most comfort and enjoyment for the money. While updating the living room or even a remodeling the kitchen can be a worthwhile project, focusing your efforts on the rooms and interior environments where you will be spending the most time helps to provide the most bang for your buck.

Scheduling and Timing

While many property owners would prefer to remain on-site during a renovation or home-improvement project, wasting your vacation supervising a renovation is rarely the best option. Arranging to have the work done during the off-season ensures that your new getaway home will be ready and waiting when it comes time to enjoy your next vacation. When it comes to making the most out of your vacation home or property, scheduling concerns may prove to be too important a concern to ignore.

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