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Your garage is one of the largest spaces in your home--and one of the first to fill up. Between cars, outdoor equipment, and all the items that you store in your garage throughout the year, it doesn't take long before you're wondering where you're going to find more space. By adding on to your garage, you can accomplish several things with ease.

1. Protect all your vehicles

Are you and your spouse both able to park in the garage? As your children grow up and have cars of their own, do they have room to park them in the garage? Parking your cars in the garage doesn't just help protect them from the elements. It also protects your loved ones--and you--from everything the weather can do. When all of your cars fit in the garage, everyone can make it from their car to the house without getting wet, freezing, or exposed to extreme weather no matter what it's doing outside.

2. There's never enough storage

Stuff adds up, especially when you have a big family. Before you know it, you might even end up using your garage for storage instead of vehicles! Adding on to your garage, however, will give you plenty of storage for all of those important items, from lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment to seasonal decorations, holiday gifts, and kids' toys that need to be rotated through or stored until the next child is old enough to use them. By expanding your garage, you can create the perfect storage area for all of your family's belongings. When you use a company like Best Doors, you can even choose the doors that make it easiest to maximize your storage and reach the critical areas of your garage easily.

3. Create usable space in your garage

Have you always wanted a home gym, but have no space for it? Expanding your garage could give you the home gym of your dreams. Are you a musician with no place to practice? Creating extra space in your garage will allow you to leave your equipment set up instead of having to put it together and tear it down every time.

No matter what you're hoping to accomplish with your garage expansion, it's clear that adding on to the garage is one of the easiest ways to increase storage or add usable space in your home. Many realtors acknowledge that the garage is the most important part of a house. By adding on to yours, you'll experience benefits for years to come.

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