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3 Things Your Home Will Need after the Summer Wildfires

Hundreds of structures burned during the summer wildfires in California. Even if yours wasn’t one of the homes that burned, your home may have still been affected by these huge fires. Even homes that were far away from the front lines have the potential to have lingering effects that need to be corrected. If you were in the general vicinity of the wildfires this summer, here are three areas of your home you’ll want to check before too much time passes.

Clean It Up

As ashes from the fire fall from the sky, they have the potential to cause some of your home’s systems to malfunction. Any systems, such as solar panels, satellite dishes, or other equipment you have on your roof need to be checked for cleanliness and proper operation. Ash can get down into the mechanical areas of these systems, leading to problems that can balloon, over time. Make sure to have a qualified contractor check on this equipment to ensure that each component is thoroughly inspected for any issues.

Cool It Off

Another vulnerable component of your home during a wildfire is your air conditioner compressor. As the unit moves air to remove the heat from the refrigerant, there is also a risk that it could draw in fine particulate matter, including ash. Over a long period of exposure, this could lead to major problems with your compressor. That’s why it’s important to have your air conditioner checked out, even if it’s not currently having any issues. Air conditioner system repair typically only gets more complicated the longer you let a problem go without being repaired. So, go ahead and have it checked out to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t stop working when you need it most.

Air It Out

If ash didn’t make it to your property, it’s likely that at least some smoke did. In an open area, smoke doesn’t pose much risk to humans, however, with prolonged exposure, it can certainly leave your home smelling smoky, inside and out. Take the time to air out your home by opening windows and putting fans in the windows to draw out the smoky-smelling air. Clean all washable fabrics in the washing machine, and steam clean all carpeted areas. By being thorough as you air out your home, you end up with a fresh-smelling home that’s also nice and clean. It’s a win-win situation.

Be Prepared

After experiencing a close call from this summer’s wildfires, perhaps one of the best things you can do in your home is to prepare an emergency kit to be ready in case another fire heads your way. Preparing a kit in advance will ensure you can evacuate quickly if the unthinkable happens. This will ensure you’re able to face the next fire event with more confidence and less worry.

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