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4 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your House Spotless

House cleaning is not at the top of most people’s lists of favorite things to do with their spare time. Even organized people who love to tidy up rooms may shy away from the heavy cleaning tasks, such as scrubbing rings out of toilet and showers. Here are some of the best house hacks for keeping a house spotless while also cutting down on hands-on cleaning time.

Scrub Away Hard Deposits with Vinegar

A simple search online will prove that white vinegar is practically a miracle-working substance. When used for regular cleaning, it can get rid of hard water deposits, scum buildup and those dreaded rings in showers and bathtubs. Pour a mixture of water and white vinegar in a small back, and then rubber band it around the shower head to get better water flow overnight. Squirt the same mixture on stainless steel faucets, shower scum and toilet rings. Within 30 minutes, surfaces will be shiny once again.

Keep Microfiber Looking New

The microfiber couch that looked so great when it was first purchased may now look terrible from standing up to years of stains from children, food and pets. Put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, lightly spray the upholstery, scrub with a white sponge and fluff with a heavy-duty brush after the material dries for a clean, soft couch.

Let Ammonia Do the Heavy Lifting

The strength of ammonia may be enough to knock a person over, but it is also enough to knock away burned -on food. Simply pour ammonia into a bowl, place it in a closed oven overnight and wipe away deposits the next morning. The same can be done with stove burners enclosed in plastic bags with a cup of ammonia.

Hire It Out Once a Month

Sometimes, the stress of cleaning is simply not worth the amount of time it takes to get a home spotless. Hiring out regular house cleaning to a company, such as Comclean Australia Pty Ltd, can get the home looking great and eliminate allergens.

The more one gets used to keeping the house clean at all times, the better he or she will feel about opening it to guests. There will be no need for running around picking up messes, scrubbing counters and covering dirty upholstery with blankets before someone is scheduled to arrive. Instead, with these simple hacks, the home can be a comfortable and clean place used mainly for relaxation rather than a place for constant work.

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