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4 Components of a Comfortable Cabin Life

Cabin life has evolved from rustic and challenging to modern and leisurely, so as you plan or remodel yours, don’t hold back on making it a comfortable, livable space. These four recommendations will make your life easier at home in the cabin, as well as increasing its value as an investment.

First Floor Bedroom

Although many cabin designs have the living areas on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second, having at last one bedroom or sleeping space on the first floor will make it more usable in the long run. There may be times when you invite someone to join you for a weekend or extended stay who has difficulty navigating stairs. When you have a downstairs bedroom, you make it possible for them and others to spend time with you. Instead of putting in a half-bath on the first floor, make sure it has a shower, as well.

Central HVAC System

Even though it adds to the construction cost, put in a central HVAC system to make it livable year-round. Having cooling and heating will make a lot of difference in how often you use it or how much work it takes to keep the temperature comfortable. It is possible to use wall or window air conditioners for summertime cooling and portable heaters for wintertime warmth. You won’t be able to preheat or cool the cabin using these devices, or have much control over the temperatures. When you equip the HVAC system with a digital thermostat, you’ll have an easy-to-read thermostat. Make it a digital programmable thermostat, and you’ll have convenience at your fingertips. You can set it to turn on just before you arrive to make your cabin comfortable. In the winter, you can set the temperature at 50 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the pipes from freezing.

An Efficient Kitchen

Even if you don’t use the cabin often in the present, a workable and enjoyable kitchen will increase its resale value and convenience when you do use the home. Many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home. When it’s designed to be social and functional, it’s a much more inviting space for cooking and socializing.

Washer and Dryer

Like a functional kitchen, having a washer and dryer makes the cabin more livable. You’ll appreciate the convenience each time you do laundry in the cabin instead of at a nearby Laundromat or lugging the dirty clothes back to your primary home.

Gone are the days of cabins that just provide the basics. A cabin that includes the conveniences will be an easier place to spend some time and certainly easier to sell down the road.

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