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4 Essentials Every Modern Day Cabin Needs for Maximum Comfort

Whenever anyone thinks of a cabin, the image of a pile of well-assembled logs with one or two rooms comes to mind. Today's modern-day cabin is much bigger and more sophisticated than many people can imagine. Every luxurious amenity that exists can be built into this home, even if it's located in the middle of nowhere. Here are four essentials to increase the comfort of your cabin getaway.


Living off the grid is common when living in the wilderness. Some cabins run on solar energy that is produced by rooftop solar panels. The sunlight provides the free energy that is converted into usable electricity.


No one wants to wash, bathe or defecate outdoors when a more convenient toilet, sink and shower can be installed indoors. Installing a plumbing system in a log cabin is a challenge but possible. The main problem is repairing the system when something is broken, but you can find at least one plumber to drive out to your location. Your plumbing services should start with an exceptional installation and include continued access to a plumber in case you need repairs.

Heating and Cooling

Insulating your log cabin does not provide enough warmth from the freezing temperatures and strong winds. You may survive by using a few space heaters, but it may be more convenient to install a centralized heating and cooling system. One option is to install a forced air system with ductwork, and another option is to install a radiant heating system that accommodates different sources of power from solar to geothermal.


While you have exceptional comfort indoors, you need the same amount of comfort outdoors. You need a good view of the wilderness from your backyard. A patio gives you and your guests a place to sit and talk on comfortable furniture and enjoy the scenery. Along with the patio, consider adding a grill and a fountain or garden to improve the scenery. Install a paved walkway to avoid having to walk through puddles and muddy when you want to venture from the home.

A traditional cabin is a small home with no heating, plumbing or modern convenience. Today, any home can be equipped with systems that increase the comfort and security of living in a remote location. Your modern-day cabin can be luxurious and appropriate for anyone to live in if you plan well and build it right.

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