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4 Important Scaffolding Accessories: An Essential Part of Any Scaffolding Fittings

Scaffolding has been an integral part of any construction or maintenance project. They provide excellent support to workers while they’re carrying out their respective operations in commercial spaces. Scaffolding accessories can be regarded as the building blocks of scaffolding systems. Scaffolding accessories are small pieces of hardware that are handy and can be effortlessly moved according to requirement. There are various types of scaffolding accessories, the most critical ones being, base jacks, V-pressings, outer joint pins, inner joint pins, half and full swivel couplers. DH couplers, connectors, ladder beams, band and plate set and cantilever brackets. The scaffolding accessories are entrusted with connecting diverse metal tubes and pipes in the scaffolding system. Since scaffoldings are temporary structures used for short term operations, the accessories should be easily removable.

Scaffolding accessories consist of a diverse range of hardware, each built with a specific function in mind. The most important and commonly used accessories are described in detail below.

List of Accessories

  • Base jacks: Base jacks are a fundamental requirement for any scaffolding system as they are used as the base for scaffolding bays. The scaffolding bays are an important component, on which standards are put. Base jacks also provide additional stability as they can be used to adjust the level of the bay in case the ground is uneven.


  • Overall length is 750mm and threaded up to 600mm.
  • The handle is drop forged and is 150mm * 40mm
  • Base plate is a 6mm * 150mm *150mm structure with four holes of 14mm and one hole of 34mm
  • Weight is 4.8 kg
  • Ladder beams: Ladder beams are an integral part of a scaffolding system. They are used to provide bridges or openings within a structure, or to spread the load uniformly throughout the structure. Access openings such as walkways, parking entrances and roads involve ladder beams.

Specifications: They come in 4 sizes. 3 meters (31.03kg), 4 meters (46.00kg), 5 meters (51.80kg), 6 meters (60.90kg).

  • Full swivel couplers: A swivel coupler can join scaffold tubes with an outside diameter of 48.3 millimetres. They can be positioned at any angle. It has a robust design, typically made from drop forged steel or pressed steel for increased durability and reliability. Most of them have been galvanized for corrosion resistance. The main use of full-swivel couplers is to attach bracing to standards when it is not practical to join it to horizontals with right angle couplers.
  • Half swivel couplers: Half swivel couplers are similar to full swivel couplers except for their functionality. They are generally used to join ladders or other components to an access work system.

Scaffolding accessories are a critical component for the whole construction process. Thus, it is of utmost priority that the best products are selected. Picking the best quality scaffolding accessories will ensure worker safety and decrease liability for the organization.

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