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4 Log Home Maintenance Projects to Get Done Early This Summer

Home ownership is largely a checklist of maintenance tasks that you cycle through every year. Of course, it’s easy to let things slip. You’ve got work and there is always something more interesting to do. There are, however, three home maintenance projects you’ll want to make sure you knock out early this summer.

Roof and Gutter Inspection and Maintenance

If you’ve put it off this long, don’t keep waiting. Your roof and gutters really need at least an annual inspection and probably some basic maintenance. For the roof, you’re looking broken or dislodged shingles and spongy patches that suggest weak wood beneath. You should also pop your head up into the attic and look for evidence of leaks.


For you gutters, it’s mostly about making sure there’s no buildup or blockages interfering. If it’s been an especially rough winter, you should make sure that the gutters remain firmly secured to the building. If you aren’t comfortable making repairs yourself, consider hiring a roofing expert or general contractor for the work

Pools and Hot Tubs

If you own a pool, hot tub, or both, you’re probably looking forward to some relaxing times while the weather is nice. Unfortunately, standing water has a tendency to get unpleasant. Most pools and hot tubs need some basic maintenance when the late spring or early summer rolls around. Your pool or hot tub maintenance in Gig Harbor, WA, or in other areas, can range from simple surface cleaning to adding a potent chemical brew to kill any algae or bacteria in the water. Most homeowners can handle these processes by following the instructions on the packages. If you’re not comfortable or inexperienced with hot tub or pool maintenance, you can also enlist a professional.

HVAC Filters

Early summer is the right time for HVAC maintenance because the weather is so much more forgiving. It is generally warm enough that you don’t need the furnace and cool enough that you won’t die without the air conditioner. If nothing else, you should change out all of the A/C and furnace filters. You don’t want to get to the really hot weather need to switch out that A/C filter.

Some maintenance tasks you can let slide because they aren’t time critical. Some things you want to make sure you stay on top of no matter what. Annual roof and gutter inspections top that list. Pool and hot tub maintenance aren’t far behind, at least if you want to use them. HVAC filters might not seem important until you need to turn off the A/C unit in the sweltering July heat.

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