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4 Luxury Fireplace Options for Your Cabin in the Woods

Do you have a cabin that you want to make you feel exquisite? Does your charming little hideaway in the woods need something to create warmth and functionality? We cover four of the most luxurious fireplace options for you to consider putting in your vacation home or getaway in the woods below.

Fireplaces Give You Double the Space

When you have an open floor plan, a dual fireplace with a clear surround can give you the ability to enjoy a fire in the living or dining room. You can place one between the bathroom and sleeping area in the master bedroom too. Some cabin owners use this style of fireplace to create a modern design and provide warmth to a larger space in the cabin.

Stone Fireplaces Invoke Grandeur and Comfort

Besides wood, stone is the most prevalent characteristic you will find in a cabin. To break up long spans of wood or one continuous surface, you can add stone. River rock or shale is a beautiful way to add appeal and create a feature wall for your sitting area. If you need a lightweight option, there are faux stone products that let you get the grand look without the weight of real stone. This fireplace in the Smoky Mountains is an example of defining the feature in your cabin.

Outdoor Grilling

Does your family like to cook on the grill? Do you like to have toasted marshmallows for cocktails when friends come to visit? By adding an OFYR cooking grill to your cabin, you can cook pizzas, toast foods, and enjoy the ambiance of the flames. The ability to barbecue all year long is one way to promote togetherness.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace in the Bathroom for a Spa Experience

Do you want to turn your cabin into a retreat? Will you feel most comfortable in a space where you can soak in a tub of water with a glass of wine and a nice warm fire to keep you toasty? A gas fireplace will give you the chance to have a spa-like experience every time you want. An elegant, sleek design will add grandeur to a bathroom while candles, aromatherapy technologies, and jetted tubs can enhance the experience.

To transform your cabin into a luxurious space, all you need is a magnificent fireplace. Consider a stone veneer if you already have a grill or focal point that is ho-hum. To make your cabin a breathing space, think about adding a fireplace to your bathroom for the best way to rejuvenate.

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