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4 Modern Conveniences You Want in Your Rustic Log Cabin

Heading to your log cabin for a relaxing vacation is unlike anything else in the world, but you might find yourself missing a few amenities after you have been out there for a couple of days. Relatively minor issues will quickly become major annoyances once you are a few hours away from the nearest town.

Here is a look at a few modern conveniences that you should consider adding to your log cabin getaway before your next big trip.

Tankless Water Heaters

Even if your log cabin already has a water heater, you should still consider switching over to one or more tankless water heaters. Most families only head to their log cabins a few times a year, but a traditional water heater will keep the entire basin of water hot at all times. A tankless water heater only heats up water as it is being used, and that makes it much more efficient and practical.

New HVAC System

Trying to keep your log cabin at a comfortable temperature with ceiling fans or an old fireplace can be exhausting. Modern HVAC systems are extremely easy-to-use, and having one of these systems installed by someone like Doctor Fix-It means that you won’t need to worry about hauling up firewood every time you head to your cabin. As long as you regularly service your new HVAC system, it should last for well over a decade.

Water Filtration System

Adding some type of water filtration system to your cabin’s plumbing will make your vacations much more enjoyable. If your cabin is far from civilization, then you should have redundant filtration systems as well as an emergency supply of water. Before installing any filters, you should first have the water supply tested by an expert to see if there are any potential contaminants.

Smart Home Hub

While it might seem like overkill, installing a smart home hub in your vacation home is going to improve your family’s safety and comfort. Your hub will automatically send you messages if any of the major mechanical systems break or the wireless sensors detect smoke. You can also use your phone to set the thermostat or deactivate the alarm just before you arrive.

Another project that you might want to carry out on your log cabin is upgrading the insulation. No matter what kind of climate the cabin is in, adding better insulation will make the building more comfortable for all residents. It will also reduce your risk of common issues that take place inside log cabins such as burst pipes and slab leaks.

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