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4 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Water Well at Your Cabin

Owning a cabin means dealing with the difficulties of off-grid logistics. Among the many problems you'll have to solve is that of providing your cabin with fresh, reliable water. Fortunately, a well can be an easy answer. Here are four reasons you should consider having a water well at your cabin.

A Well Is More Reliable Than Rainwater Collection

Many cabin builders and homesteaders start out trying to meet their water needs by collecting rainwater. While this can definitely work out well at times, it becomes a serious problem during droughts and dry spells. With a well, you'll be less dependent on the weather and have more reliable access to water all year round.

It Will Make Gardening Possible

With a well, you'll have enough water to make garden irrigation possible. This, in turn, will allow you to become more self-sufficient by growing your own produce. Even the most basic well should be able to provide ample water for irrigating a good-sized garden. Once you've installed an irrigation system, you'll be able to grow great crops near your cabin without the difficulty of carrying water to your plants every single day.

Wells Are Surprisingly Low on Maintenance

Once your well is installed, you'll be surprised by how little maintenance it requires. Water well pumps are fairly simple and durable machines that can last for years. Even if you use your well heavily, your pump should hold up for a fairly long time. Compared to other systems for cabin water storage and delivery, a well will significantly reduce the work and maintenance you have to keep up with to meet your water needs.

You'll Save Money Over Time

With reduced need to bring in outside water and lower lifetime maintenance costs, a well can be a serious money saver. Not unlike installing solar panels to provide your electricity, adding a well to your cabin will be a significant one-time investment. Once that's done, though, you should be able to continue to pump water at little to no annual cost. Over the course of several years, a good well pumping system can save you thousands of dollars in overall water costs.

As you can see, a well is an extremely practical addition to your off-grid cabin. By adding one, you can lower your living costs while at the same time making your cabin more self-sustaining.

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