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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Cabin in Terrific Condition

A cabin is a great place to spend time, whether it’s a fulltime residence or just a place to retreat on weekends and vacations. But if you don’t put in a little work to keep it in good shape, it can end up feeling more like a house of horrors than a soothing oasis. Here are four simple secrets to keeping your cabin in terrific condition.

Check Plants and Trees Around the House

If plants or trees grow too close to the cabin, they can direct rain onto the logs and prevent the sun from drying it. This can lead to rot and other problems later. Take a walk around the cabin at least a couple of times a year to make sure that trees, shrubs, and plants are at least 2-3 feet away from the cabin. If they aren’t, trim them back until they are, or replant them farther away.

Make Sure the Stain Is Still Good

Spray or splash water on the logs of your cabin and see what happens. If it beads up and rolls down, you can wait another year at least before recoating. If it soaks in instead, it’s time to consider buying some log stain and coating the entire cabin again.

Don’t Share It with Pests

Termites, mice, or other pests can do serious damage to your cabin before you even know they’re there. By hiring Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management or a similar pest control service in your particular area to come out a few times a year to check things out and treat for anything they find, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your cabin is home only to those who have keys.

Control Moisture

Clean out the gutters on a regular basis. Caulk windows and any cracks you find to ensure moisture stays out.

Consider “painting” your interior walls with a mold control material that will prevent or control the growth of mold, and make sure that anything stored in the cabin is stored in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Even wooden chairs and tables can absorb moisture, so carefully consider the materials of other things in the cabin.

Your cabin can be a beautiful place to spend time, as well as a wise real estate investment. It just requires a little effort on your part a few times a year to make sure things stay beautiful. Take a few minutes to keep things great so you can relax the rest of the time.

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