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4 Tree Grooming Tips to Turn Your Wild Backyard Into a Beautiful Garden

4 Tree Grooming Tips to Turn Your Wild Backyard into a Beautiful Garden

A backyard can be a very important place for a family. It can be a place to relax. It can be a place for parties and social gatherings. It can be a place for children to play where their parents know they’ll be safe.

However, a great back yard doesn’t come without some hard work. If you want to create an attractive backyard you can be proud of, you have to do some yard work. This includes taking care of your trees. Below are three tree grooming tips that can help make your backyard beautiful.

Safety First

The first thing you need to be concerned with when pruning trees is safety. Accidents that happen when cutting limbs and branches are far more common than you may think. Some of these accidents can be fatal or result in permanent injury or disability.

If you are pruning a tall tree, make sure your ladder is completely stable and has no possibility of tipping over. Make sure to point pruning shears, electric trimmers or other tools at an angle in which they cannot fall back onto your head or body. Never trim off branches that are so large and heavy they could cause seriously injury if they fall onto someone. Save that work for professionals or at least those very seasoned at sawing trees.

Protecting Your Trees

One of the reasons why people prune trees it so to protect their long term livelihood. If a branch appears to be diseased, you can remove it in an attempt to save the rest of the tree. Dipping your shears in bleach can prevent the spread of the disease.

Branches may also die or become broken. At that point, there is a risk for insect infestation that could threaten the whole tree. Trim these as well. When pruning branches, don’t trim too close to the trunk.

The Art of Pruning Branches

If you want the best results you should prune in a specific sequence. First, create a shallow cut on the underside of the particular branch you want to trim. This should be about four inches away from the trunk. When you cut the branch, do it three inches away from this first cut. This will prevent the branch from peeling down the side of the tree’s trunk due to the weight. Consider selling your trimmed branches as timber as a form of recycling.

Extra Yard Space

Once your trees have been trimmed and dead trees removed, consider other projects that can help make your backyard more enjoyable. One great choice is a pergola. This simple wooden structure can add some much needed shade in your backyard and can be great for parties and other gatherings. All you need is some timber. Make sure it is pressure treated so it can stand up to the elements. Trim the branches of your trees so they don’t come too close to the pergola but not too far away either so they enhance your pergola’s shade.

Properly pruning your trees requires some work. However, your efforts will be worth it. You’ll create a much more beautiful backyard everyone will want to enjoy. Your trees will also live long and healthy lives as a result. Making sure you take proper care of your cabin's yard throughout the year will make it more enjoyable when you go on vacation. You can also hire someone to do that work for you to avoid window damage and roof damage during storms season. You got a cabin to be close to nature. Make sure you take care of nature while you're there.

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