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4 Unseen Things in Your Cabin That Also Need Maintenance

Two general mindsets typically exist regarding log cabins. Many people purchase their first log cabin never realizing that cabins have their own unique set of issues that are far different from those of a typical suburban home.

Other people stay far away from log cabins because they have seen many of them fall into great disrepair and require thousands of dollars of repairs to bring them back into livable conditions. Of course, there is a middle ground. When properly maintained, log cabins can become excellent homes for many decades. However, a potential for problems often lurks beneath the surface. Check out these four unseen issues that could possibly become problems in any cabin.


While not a common problem, a termite infestation can spell trouble for a cabin owner. Termites love wood in cabins and may ruin foundations and walls by their constant gnawing. Cabin owners should look for tiny holes in logs, soft spots, insect dropping and small insects with white wings.

Gaps around Windows

New and old cabins alike can have problems with gaps in walls and windows. As weather and humidity change, wood swells and shrinks. This can lead to major changes in the size and spacing around windows and doors. The best way to repair large gaps is to fill them with insulating foam using a foam gun.

Log Checks

As logs change in shape and size, they tend to crack. These cracks are called checks. Over the year, regular caulking will need to be done to fill and correct these checks and to maintain the integrity of the home. If checks are particularly large, they should be filled with foam strips before being caulked.

A Moldy Crawl Space

Those cabins that have crawl spaces are particularly at risk for unseen mold and mildew that can introduce allergens into the air and damage the home. Crawl spaces should be waterproofed with heavy liners, like Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc. offers, which will keep the moisture that is naturally in the walls and soil away from wood.

While regular log cabin maintenance might not be one’s preferred way of spending a weekend a couple of times per year, it is a great way to defray overall costs of home ownership while also ensuring a beautiful and functional cabin for years into the future. Consistent maintenance can help individuals catch small problems before they become large. It can also make tasks more manageable both physically and financially.

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