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5 Best Aromas for Amazing Autumn Atmospheres

The right atmosphere is one a person enjoys with all his or her senses. When designing a space for a client, you're likely to satisfy the visual aspect of their request easily. Through color, pattern, line, and texture, you're able to create an environment that looks aesthetically pleasing.


Scent isn't something people always think about, but it certainly is a factor when an unpleasant odor lingers around. To help your clients make the most of their new living space, essential oils and other natural fragrance options should be considered. According to doTERRA, these can helps create a calm and familiar environment that men and women love.


Here are five of the best aromas for amazing autumn atmospheres:


Rich Spice


The blog, Spend with Pennies, shared a simple but incredible stovetop potpourri recipe. Named rich spice for all the incredible ingredients that make up the aroma, it uses cinnamon sticks (3), a half tablespoon of whole cloves, a whole nutmeg, lemon rosemary, a sliced lemon, and sprigs of fresh rosemary (3). Add the ingredients to a small saucepan and bring to a boil before turning the burner down to low.

Into the Woods

Blogger Tabitha of Fresh Mommy offers the following essential oil diffuser recipe for readers. It will have a home smelling like a forest in no time. After filling the reservoir with water, add the following essential oils-cypress (4 drops), white fir (2 drops), and sandalwood (2 drops).

Autumn Air

The website, Hello Glow, provided this satisfying diffuser recipe in a blog post. You need four drops of sweet orange, three drops of lemon, and three drops of fir. You'll nail the smell of crisp autumn air by diffusing these essential oils throughout the client's home.

Spiced Chai


The Prairie Homestead has recreated the scent of this incredible beverage, so you can enjoy it without drinking it. Fill the diffuser according to its instructions. Then add three drops of cardamom, 2 drops of cassia, 2 drops of clove, and 1 drop of ginger.

Pumpkin Spice


The Inspired Room couldn't let you celebrate fall with an old-fashioned favorite. To create this essential oil blend to diffuse, you'll need 2 drops of ginger, 2 drops of nutmeg, 2 drops of clove, 2 drops of cardamom, and 1 drop of orange.

Designing a space that smells like autumn is easy when you have a few aromas available to choose from to help you with the task. The rooms that you design for clients can be warm and inviting and smell incredible, too. Using essential oils is an easy way to make that happen by infusing an environment with the familiar smells of fall.


The fall weather provides many opportunities to celebrate the season. Your interior design should reflect seasonality in warm and welcoming ways.


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