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5 Crucial Considerations Before Moving to a Cabin in the Woods

The thought of retreating to a cabin in the woods for a vacation is inspiring to many. In fact, some decide that they want to turn these trips into long-term living arrangements. Whether you’re moving from an apartment in the city or a sprawling house in the suburbs, moving to a cabin in the woods certainly requires considering some points.

Work and School

If you’re retired and have no children in school, retreating to a cabin in the woods might work well with your schedule. When you’re in need of jobs and schools, however, you may find yourself with quite a commute. You will want to look into colleges in rural areas, the quality of the education in the community and where jobs are located. The exact rural spot you pick may depend upon where you can find work and an education.

Safety Concerns

All different types of living environments have their own safety concerns. In the woods, you are unlikely to have neighbors living close by in the event of an emergency. Making sure that your house is properly installed with a security system and that you have service on your cell phones are both solutions you can consider. You should also take into mind that you may be quite far from a police station or hospital.

Practical Matters

Right now, you may not even think twice about the plumbing or electrical because your community has entities that take care of these issues. When moving into the woods, however, you may very well have to look up alternate services for sewage such as Econocycle, electric and other amenities that you take for granted. How serious this situation is depends upon how deep into the woods you’re going.

Weather Conditions

The thought of cuddling up next to a cozy fire in the winter or sitting on the deck on summer days is pleasant, but you must take into account what you will do in adverse weather conditions. For example, if a tornado or hurricane were to come through the area, you must ask yourself if you would have enough time to get out.

Modern Enjoyments

You will also have to evaluate how many modern amenities you’re willing to give up. You may struggle to get an internet signal when you’re out in the woods, and you may very well find that no restaurants deliver to your home. Some people are so used to these comforts that giving them up could be an issue.

Living in a cabin in the woods certainly has perks as this adventure allows you to have more blissful solitude and a closer connection with nature. Still though, you must thoroughly consider the situation.

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