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5 Final Home Improvement Projects to Take on Before the End of Summer

As the summer season comes to a close, it’s important to think about any work that needs to be done on your home before fall and winter arrive. Taking on the necessary projects while the weather is still decent will make it easier for you to complete these tasks. Here are five home improvement projects to consider before summer ends.


Repair Damaged Window and Door Seals

The sealing materials around your windows and doors might be damaged and should be repaired or replaced to help the inside of your home stay warm during the cold months. Chipped or peeling caulk around your windows can easily be fixed with new material. You may also need to add new weather strips to your doors.


Clean Your Gutters

As Popular Mechanics states, gutters that are clogged can be detrimental for your home because of the resulting water runoff that may damage your foundation and flood your yard. You should remove all leaves, moss buildups and other types of debris that prevent water from flowing through your gutters freely. Cleaning your gutters will also give you the opportunity to look for damage that needs to be repaired.



Cracked or crumbled pavement can be both unsightly and hazardous. When heavy rainfall, snowfall and deep freezes occur during the cold months, it will be much more difficult to do any repaving, so it’s best to fix the damage while it’s still summer. If your driveway, walkways or other surfaces around your property need to be repaved, you can hire residential paving contractors or try doing the work yourself.


Perform Chimney Maintenance

A chimney that’s damaged or clogged with soot can pose certain hazards. If you don’t know how to inspect your chimney yourself for these problems, you can hire a professional to check its condition. Cleaning out any built-up soot and repairing any cracks or other types of damage can help your home survive the winter months better.


Fix Your Deck

Harsh environmental elements during the fall and winter can worsen existing deck damage, and it’s best to renovate your deck so that it survives the seasons. If you have a wood deck, it’s especially important for you to renovate it every summer. Having your deck inspected by a professional contactor will alert you of any underlying damage that’s sometimes difficult to identify.

These end-of-summer projects will help prolong the life of your home. By staying on top of all the needed maintenance or repair work, you’ll lessen the chances of encountering bigger problems down the road.

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