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5 great things to add to your log home

If you just moved into a new log cabin home or are looking to make some upgrades we have made a shortlist of things that you should add to your log cabin home if you already haven't done so.  There is always something to do and you may or may not have thought about the following list. 

1. Solar 

Now has never been a better time to jump on adding solar to your log cabin home.   Costs have dropped drastically in recent years making it a worthwhile investment to homeowners.   Even if you don't think you get enough sunlight technology has advanced in recent years and you may be surprised about how much you can save if you go solar.  If you are off-grid you can jump on the renewable bandwagon and have your home running on all-natural sunlight.   

2.  Home security system

Living out in the country has many great advantages but being away from civilization can have its downside if you ever need help.  If police services are far away you may be tempted to feel more secure with a home security solution.  You can get anything from advanced home security systems installed by local professionals or go the more DIY way and get something like Simplisafe.   Low costs solutions mean it won't take much to feel secure in your log cabin home should anything happen and at the very least help, you sleep a little better at night.

3.  A water filtration system

If you hare on a private well or get your water from the city you may be surprised what's in your water.  For private wells your water may be the purest water you can get.  Or? it can be sourced from water contaminated from local runoff.  Either way, get your water tested regularly if you are on a well and know what's in your water at all times and it's recommended you do so.   If you are on city water you may be dealing with a dull taste and smell from chlorine.  A simple whole house system can solve a lot of these issues.  You can get a home filtration system from Filtersmart and have it shipped right to your house ready for installation.   

4.  Modern appliances

Modern luxury is sweet if you are living a simple life.  Just because you are out in the woods does not mean you have to sacrifice modern luxury.   Upgrading to new stoves, dishwashers or modern fridges will help bring a little modern to a rustic life.  There is also something that looks quite unique about a modern/rustic home that is gaining popularity in the interior design world.  It may be something worth taking a look at.

5.  Home automation

Technology has brought the world of automation to the home.  Companies like Vivint has brought the home to the digital age with home automation.  Automate everything from lighting to heating and conditioning and make sure your home is operating at the optimal level.  You may be surprised how well these systems run without you ever even knowing they can also cut down on your electrical bill and heating and A/C costs when you are not using certain rooms at certain times of the day. 

Upgrading your log cabin home has many great advantages.  Take a look at the list and maybe you can have one of these devices bring you a luxury you never knew you wanted. 

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