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5 Maintenance Tips to Upkeep Your Vacation Home

You look forward to spring and summer every year for one reason. It will be time to open up your vacation home. Your getaway has given you many days of enjoyment while you escape the daily grind. You can’t wait to open up the place to announce the beginning of your favorite seasons. The last thing you need is repairs or a cleanup because you didn’t prepare well enough when it was time to close up the summer house. Take five maintenance tips that will ensure your house is in tiptop shape when you need it most.

Turn Off the Water

As you look at your checklist of things to do before you pack up for the winter season, make sure you turn the water off. That means shutting of the external source for your water. You may need to call the town or city water department to turn it off.

Pack Up Anything Edible

Make sure you clear out any food in your cupboards. You’ll also want to take care of any paper products and linens. You can either bring your paper products home or put them in a sealed, plastic tub. Your linens should also be packed in plastic tubs with mothballs to protect them.

Bring in Your Trusted Team of Exterminators

It’s a good idea to have a termite treatment before you lock up the vacation home for the cold months ahead. Your trusted exterminators can protect your home from an invasion of those destructive little critters. Ask for tips to keep any other uninvited guests out while you are away.

Turn Off the Electricity

Call your power company to shut off your electricity at the end of the season. It’s also a good idea to unplug all of your electrical appliances. You will save yourself money in the process.

Consider Installing an Alarm System

If your vacation home is a summer destination, most of the area is going to clear out come winter. You still want to protect your home with some type of security system. You can choose to post signs and a have a remote monitoring service. Other options include padlocks for your doors and covering your windows.

Preparation is Key

If you take sufficient steps to upkeep your vacation home, it will be stress-free when you come back. Bring your food, have your utilities turned on, and you will be good to go.

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