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5 Ways to Prevent Sewer Backup in Your Home

One of the worst smells that you could get in the home is when the sewer system backs up, preventing everything from the toilet flushing properly to the sink draining as it should. Before the problem gets that bad, you can do a bit of maintenance to ensure that the system stays open and flowing smoothly. Once you find a method of keeping the drainage system open, you need to get the rest of the family on board as it takes everyone working together.

Fitting Scene
Just because something is small enough to fit down a drain doesn't mean that it belongs there. Items like hygiene products, diapers and even grease should not go down any drain in the home. If it's a solid or can be a solid at any point, it should be tossed in a trash can as these items will clog the septic lines.

Heater Repairs
At times, the water heater might not work like it should, which can make it harder for the septic system to work. Rust and other particles at the bottom of the tank can get through the lines, which can cause blockages. Contact a plumbing company like Albert's Plumbing & Drain Service to examine the hot water heater to ensure that the element is working and that the unit is operating as it should.

If you have long hair, then you know that it can easily clog the shower drain. Place a strainer over the drain so that it catches the hair. Don't let hairs build in the drain for very long as they can cause a major blockage.

Tree Roots
Examine the area where the septic system is located in the yard. Once you know where it's at, look to see if there are any trees and roots that are growing near the system. If there are, then consider removing the tree as the roots can begin to invade the tank, preventing the system from operating as it should. The roots can also poke holes through pipes in the yard.

The baby wipes that you use on your kids are efficient, but they should never be flushed down the toilet. Some of them claim to be disposable in a toilet, but you shouldn't risk a blockage that you could avoid by throwing the wipes in the trash. The wipes can easily get stuck to the sides of the pipes and not move for some time, preventing the flow of water.

Changing your habits at home can lead to a better sewer system. Don't flush anything or put anything down a drain except water, liquids and other materials that are meant to go down. If necessary, call in the professionals to maintain your system so that water flows.

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