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Upgrading your home can mean a lot of different things to different people, and it's easy to limit your options and ideas. But adding on to your home doesn't have to be boring--there are many different ways to let your personality shine through. Here are seven tips varying from fun to practical which can help you make your home better than ever before.

1. Decorative Trees and Shrubs
Even the best-kept lawn can look rather bare if there aren't elements adding decor and depth. Well-manicured bushes and small, ornamental trees are lovely to look at as well as simple to maintain. They look good year-round, and require much less upkeep than a flower garden would.

2. An Island for the Kitchen
If your kitchen is able to fit an island, don't hesitate to add one! The feature adds both counter and storage space while also giving you a great way to work together with your family in the same room. It works perfectly in an open-concept home, and can add an extra level of functionality to a kitchen with limited working space. And since there are many different styles and sizes for you to choose from, it's a great way to personalize your kitchen to suit your unique style and taste.

3. A Luxurious Spa
Adding a beautiful spa or hot tub to your home is a great way to add another level of comfort and luxury. They're great for making your house feel like an inviting, relaxing getaway, making you eager to come back and rejuvenate after a long day of work. Spa companies like Robert Allen can offer you many different styles for you to choose from, which gives you a great level of customization and control.

4. Upgrade your Windows
Many standard windows installed today aren't nearly as economical as the windows that your home should have. Old windows can be even worse, with cracks and weak points allowing drafts into your home. They become weak points in your home's heating and cooling system, allowing heat and air conditioning to leak through. By installing high-quality windows with better insulating properties, you'll save energy and money while keeping your home more comfortable than ever before.

5. Turn a Spare Bedroom into a Rec Room
If you've got a spare bedroom which is almost never used, turning it into a fun family rec room may be the perfect solution. A pool or air hockey table, video gaming systems, and lots of comfy places to hang out. If you'll want to host guests overnight, you can add a pull-out couch to the room.

6. Add a Patio or Deck
Adding a patio or deck is a great way to increase the value, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your home. They provide great places to relax while outside, making the outdoors much more inviting for relaxing, grilling, and visiting with friends. Adding a table gives you a perfect way to eat outside during warmer months, and cozy chairs will invite you outside to enjoy your drink.

7. Create Your Own Home Theater
Do you have an unused room or unfinished basement? If so, these can make awesome places for your own private home theater. Install your TV and sound system, then add cozy seating and light-blocking drapes for an unique and fun room.

Whatever you choose to do to your home, remember to make it yours! Add the things that you love and that fit with your lifestyle, rather than creating a cookie-cutter home that doesn't reflect your style or tastes. Think outside of the box and have fun making your house into an awesome retreat for yourself.

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