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7 Common Plumbing Blunders Homeowners Experience Between Winter and Spring

Having plumbing issues is no fun. They can be very complicated, messy, and just an all-around pain in the rear. You can fall victim to plumbing blunders that may eventually cost you huge financial expenses between winter and spring. While the plumbing maxim “If you do not know the basics of plumbing, leave it to the professional” makes a lot of sense, being knowledgeable about the mistakes to avoid in your plumbing system can help a great deal. Here are the seven common plumbing blunders that may cost you much money to fix.

Forgetting a Plumbing Check-Up Before Winter

Not everyone is a professional plumber, but basic DIY plumbing skills can help to avoid the consequences of neglected plumbing. Fix the leaking pipes and any loose connections in readiness for the season. The last thing you need is your pipes freezing when the cold weather hits as it could damage your entire plumbing system.

Forgetting to Shut the Outdoor Hose

Do a simple check up on your piping lines and outdoor hoses. Shut the faucets and the garden hose. Leaving the hose on contributes to the freezing of pipes, bursts and splits in winter. Carry out the pre-season maintenance to ensure that the plumbing system works efficiently.

Use of Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

The temptation to use harsh chemical cleaners to drain your pipes may do much harm to the plumbing system in the long run, says C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning. Understandably, harsh chemical cleaners are a quick solution to a smelly and blocked piping. Even if you clear the clogged system fast, you may end up damaging your pipes with the toxic drain cleaners, and you will have many woes come winter and spring.

Failing to Safeguard the Basement

Water can cause extensive damage especially in houses with basements. You will need to check your premises for the signs of water damage and any pipes that might be leaking early. If you do not know the signs to look out for, ask a professional contractor to inspect the plumbing.

Flushing Insoluble Stuff down Your Toilet

Do not flush all disposable stuff down the toilet even when it is marked “flushable”. Paper towels, feminine hygiene wrappings, and wrapping for snacks end up clogging the toilet and the entire plumbing.

Misuse of Your Kitchen Drains

Putting things that do not belong to the kitchen sink and bathrooms, such as fats, oils, food craps, and greases can clog the drains and damage your pipes.. Eventually, any buildup of kitchen waste clogs the drains creating a nasty experience in winter and spring.

Failing to Clear the Shower Heads

Neglecting the shower heads and faucets with vinegar to clear the buildup of debris, grime, and calcium reduces water pressure. Unscrew the shower heads, remove and clean to ensure an efficient flow of water throughout winter and spring.

These advisory measures can ensure a plumbing system that runs smoothly, but in case of bigger piping issues beyond your DIY skills, consult a professional contractor for help as it can save you from major headaches and plumbing issues in the long run.

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