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7 Step Home Maintenance Guide to Preventing Winter Disasters

Even though owning a home is among the most rewarding things in life, it is not always walk in the park. One of the most important activities of home ownership is maintenance. Getting your house ready for the winter season should be on the annual maintenance to do list. The following information will help you prepare your home for the cold season.

Protect Your Pipes

Water expands as it freezes. If it does so inside your pipes, it may cause them to burst or crack. Pipes could also crack or burst when too much pressure builds up. This kind of damage could happen when a chunk of ice blocks the faucet, which makes it important to leave them dripping. If you contact a professional company such as Walters Environmental Services, it will ensure the safety of your pipes.

Check the Heat

To stay warm during the winter season, ensure your heating system works perfectly. This should be done before the season commences. You can do this by switching on your furnace and blower to see if they still work.

Prevent Ice Damps

Ice damps can form when there is no proper drainage. If this happens, you could experience water damage in your home through leaks on the roof. Ensure to clean your gutters as a preventative measure.

Store Your Lawn Equipment

All outdoor equipment needs to be winterized. For effective winterization, you need to check the owner’s manual. This activity is important because some items might have specific instructions.

Inspect the Fire Place

There is nothing more warming than the glow of fire during winter. But before you light up a fire, your fireplace and chimney should be cleaned. Professional chimney cleaning will clean out any debris and soot to prevent fire.

Seal Your Door and Windows

Gaps around doors and windows can make it hard to warm during winter. For sealing purposes, caulk around windows and fit weather stripping all around the doors. You might also need to consider upgrading your windows to double or triple paned ones and insulate all your doors. Doing this will make your home more energy efficient.

Stock up for the Season

Sometimes, power outages can be experienced during winter. To ensure you are well prepared, keep an emergency kit ready and close. Your emergency preparation should include a fire extinguisher, generator, wood, and shovel. You should also keep these essentials in your car too.

There are a lot of important activities you need to do to keep your family warm. Winterization and some home maintenance activities that can ensure your exercise is successful. Involving professional help during your preparation can ensure that you have a smooth winter season.

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