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9 tips to create big style in a small log home

While large homes may be right for some families, you don’t have to have a larger-than-life log home to make a statement. You can accentuate your built-in beauty (the log walls themselves) with meaningful and carefully chosen decorative appointments.

“A single dramatic piece of art or furniture can make a small space seem larger and more important and help compensate for the small room size,” shares John H. Wallace, senior designer at MossCreek Designs in Knoxville, Tennessee. “For small space decorating, try to keep things at a minimum because clutter will make a space seem even smaller.”

If you have a small house, you can make a big style statement with just a few well-planned details, and you’ll quickly discover how to create a home that’s huge on style, no matter what its dimensions may be.

We offer nine clever concepts to get you started:

Think Up, Not Out

Forget about extra-wide hutches, armoires or bookshelves and go for extra-tall versions instead.

Whether they are built-in or freestanding, tall, narrow units instantly “heighten” any setting and give the perception of more space. Use a simple fold-away stepstool to access high shelves as needed.

Reflect On It

There’s a reason that mirrors have been home essentials for centuries — and it runs deeper than vanity. Mirrors bounce light around a room, reflect surfaces and visually enlarge a setting.

Place them high to draw the eye upward; or consider oversized mirrors that rest on the floor, and angle them in a way that naturally leads the eye up.

Bare Bones

Less is more when it comes to log home window treatments. In fact you can skip them altogether in areas where privacy isn’t a concern.

If you do opt for draperies (in a bedroom, for example), place them as high as you can to create the illusion of more height, and extend the rod at least 4 inches on each side of the window to make it seem wider and to allow more light in.

Open Exposure

Consider leaving second-level floor joists exposed to add up to 10 inches of headroom downstairs. Open up a few of your kitchen cabinets to use as open shelving — it makes a strong style statement and creates a sense of airiness in a space.

You also can visually expand your home by eliminating or reducing the size of interior hallways (reallocating the space savings to actual rooms) and using extra-wide, door-less openings between common areas.

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