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A Simple Guide to Installing New Windows in Your Cabin

Besides your home, you can have a cabin where you will base your workshop activities. Also, you can use the cabin like a house since they are energy efficient. However, you will ensure that the cabin is in a proper state. Repairs like window repair are ideal. The article below, therefore, explains how you would install a new window into your cabin.

Remove Old Window

The first step is to remove the existing window from the cabin. Ensure that you are careful not to damage the existing jamb. You will need to unscrew the old window from the jamb. If it is of multiple sashes, you will need to remove each at a time. Inspecting the jamb to ensure that there are no damages is ideal. If there is any, remove or replace the jamb. The space you leave for the new window should be at least ¼ to 3/8 larger than the new window's external dimension. Then, inspect the window stops and see if there are any damages. If damaged, replace the stops.

Prepare New Window

Before you apply silicone to the new window, dry fit it. Depending on your needs, you may want to tint the window. There are many benefits of window tinting. For instance, it improves the aesthetic appeal, prevents entry of harmful UV rays from the sun, and improves privacy in the cabin. When installing the window into space, you will first apply a bead of silicone on the inside.

Install the New Window

Then, slide the new window in its place and ensure that it is level by pressing both the top and bottom. The new window comes with its packet of hardware. Use them to screw it to the jamb. Add insulation to fill in the gaps around the original window. If they are large gaps, you will use roll insulation. For smaller gaps, use expanding spray insulation.

Finish Up

You need to choose your cabin décor to decide the type of trim molding you install. You'll cut the lengths in 45-degrees to ensure that they fit in when making the frame. Extension jambs would fill gaps between the drywall and the new window. Paintable wood putty would be ideal for filling nail holes. Painting the trim molding would be the last step using a paint that matches the décor.

Installing a new window for your cabin can be a daunting task when you do not know where to start. However, with the above guide, you'll find it an easy DIY. You can also entrust experienced professionals with the task if you fear injuries.

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