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A Typical Log Home Construction Schedule

Follow along a typical log home construction sequence of events.


The entire construction process for a modest log home (built by a pro) ranges from four to six months, but it can run a year or more for large or complex designs. Factors that affect construction time include seasons, weather, availability of labor/subcontractors and builder expertise. Builders’ processes may vary, but use this order of events as a guide to benchmark your log home’s progress.

1. Clearing & excavating

  • Cut or grade entrance road or driveway
  • Install culverts as needed
  • Clear building site and material storage area
  • Remove trees as needed
  • Remove topsoil and store for reuse
  • Excavate basement, haul or store soil
  • Install septic tank and drain field

2. Pouring footings

  • Stake foundation corners (surveyor may do this as part of plot plan)
  • Install batter boards and layout lines
  • Locate, stake and dig footings and pier pads
  • Arrange footing inspection
  • Pour concrete for footings


3. Installing foundation

  • Lay out foundation on footings
  • Install concrete forms for poured wall
  • Set concrete block for foundation
  • Install permanent wood foundation
  • Install waterproofing, parging or insulation board
  • Install drain tile around footings

4. Termite inspection

  • Treat soil around foundation (if necessary)

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