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Ah, Rats! 4 Ways You're Inviting Rodents Into Your Home

Spotting a mouse in your home is disturbing, and seeing a rat can be even more terrifying. Unfortunately, you may be welcoming these creatures into your house without even realizing it. Here are four ways you’re inviting rodents into your home.

Easy-Access Food

Rodents often sneak into your house in search of food. Cardboard boxes of crackers and cereal are especially easy for animals to gnaw. Therefore, if you stock your pantry with bags and boxes, you may be encouraging a rodent visitor to invite all his friends to the party at your house. Instead of keeping food in the original packaging, transfer items to sealed plastic containers.

Hidden Crumbs

Bits of food on the floor are even easier for mice and rats to access than snacks in your pantry. Even if you sweep after every meal, you may be leaving behind a mess without realizing it. That’s because crumbs have a tendency to collect under your kitchen appliances. To discourage rodent infestations, sweep beneath your stove and refrigerator frequently. Be sure to pay good attention to the corners of your kitchen as well.

Open Gaps

Rodents can fit through tiny spaces. In fact, mice need less than half an inch of space in order to squeeze into your home. That means that even tiny gaps must be sealed if you want to keep rodents out of your house. Make sure that doors and windows shut tightly, and caulk around places where pipes and wiring enter your house.

Don’t stick to sealing only ground-level gaps. Many rodents are excellent climbers. Not only that, but they can jump as well. Black rats can jump up to three feet off the ground, and they can leap across distances as well.

Damaged Barriers

Perhaps you’ve put up rodent barriers before, so you feel confident that animals don’t have any openings through which to get into your house. If you’re not checking your barriers regularly, that might not be true. Rodents are notorious chewers, and they can gnaw a hole through many strong materials, including concrete, lead, brick, plastic, and aluminum. If you’re in the market to replace weak or damaged barriers, consider putting up steel mesh. Although even steel isn’t a foolproof rat barrier, it is much a harder material for these critters to destroy.

Even if you’re careful to seal food packages and shut doors tightly, you may still struggle with a rodent problem. In that case, it’s time to call on rodent control professionals who can assess your situation and offer strategies for keeping the critters out of your space.

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