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All You Need to Know About Window Cleaning Squeegee Used by Professionals

A window squeegee is a tool which is pretty convenient to help you clean your windows and any plain polished area. There are several types of squeegees available. The professional ones are beneficial in cleaning your window very neatly. This unique tool cleans windows effectively and very efficiently. There are more features in a professional one compared to the normal ones. Here are some factors that make professional squeegees different from the normal ones. 

Channel material

You have to consider certain things before selecting a professional window squeegee. The first thing to consider is the channel material. It is, in general, what the material is made out of. The three main types are brass, stainless steel, and plastic. Brass is one of the best materials for window cleaning squeegee. It is resistant to rust and any possible damage. This material also offers durability to a great extent. But making it with a robust brass channel makes it a little heavy and harder to operate. 

Stainless steel and plastic

Stainless steel is a type of material squeegee is made of. This material is the safest and best for . They are more durable than the other materials that are used for making the squeegee. It is rust-resistant and very useful as a cleaning tool. The stainless steel material also makes the squeegee heavy. Plastic is lightweight and thus is easy to work with. You can clean them easily, but they are not very durable and always tend to break on applying some extra pressure.

Length of the blade

The length is also an essential factor when it comes to durable tools. The blades are available in 8 inches to 18 inches. You can have a faster and easy cleaning when you have a blade of 16 inches width. But the length should also be compatible with the window you have. If your window has narrow 4-inch space partitions, then it will be difficult to clean with a longer squeegee. Use shorter blades if the windows or the area to be cleaned is not very wide and big. Handle of the tool

The handle is ergonomically designed for achieving easiness to clean. A squeegee handle with no comfortable grip will not be easy to handle. It will also give you discomfort to your arms. If the handle is easy to use, you can clean quickly and easily. You will be able to use the product for a longer time, thus finishing your work on time. 

Blade material

The part of the cleaner that cleans the window has to be efficient. Silicone and rubber are the two main options in this case. Silicone blades are simply the best for professional cleaning of windows. If you want the best window washing professional cleaner, you have to go with the one that comes with the silicone blade. Rubber is another material that is used in window cleaning squeegee blades. It is most likely to get damaged before silicone. The durability is less as compared to silicone. It is a valuable choice to make when it comes to blade material, as both work fine. 

Squeegees that are heavy are good for outdoor uses. These are not very suitable inside. A brass squeegee is one such example. Using professional squeegee leaves your windows crystal clear. If it is not very heavy, then it will be easy to clean for long hours. But these squeegees should also be durable and resistant to rust. The plastic squeegees come under the lightweight category. They are easy to use but not as durable as the other options. 

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Comment by Judy Juan on January 15, 2020 at 1:22am

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