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Annual Log Home Spring Deck Maintenance

This simple, annual log home spring deck maintenance routine will keep your deck in tip-top shape and make you proud to show off your outdoor living space

Log homes and outdoor living are as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly. But when the weather turns foul, you get to come inside — your deck, however, doesn’t enjoy the same luxury.

Year-round exposure to sun, rain and snow can take its toll on any kind of decking material, so it’s important to establish a simple, solid maintenance routine that keeps it looking and performing great. Here’s how.

1 Remove debris

The slots between the deck boards can harbor bits of branches or leaves and trap moisture against the wood. Using a putty knife or other thin, dull blade, get in between the boards and remove any debris you see, especially where deck boards cross the joists, creating a small flat ledge.

2 Make a clean sweep

Remove all surface dirt and debris with a thorough sweeping.

3 Choose an appropriate cleanser

There are different types of cleansers for various decking material. If your deck is made of wood, be sure to select a cleanser that’s specifically designed for wood, and follow the directions to a T.

Cutting corners could lead to additional maintenance or worse — repairs — down the road. If you have a deck made of composite or vinyl, be sure to protect all exterior logs near the deck, as cleansers for these types of decking materials could be harmful to the wood.

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