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Another week, another log. Well, a couple logs to be exact!

Well, we're still making progress. While things slowed down from the first couple days, they are still moving right along. Take a look at our newest pics and you can see the progress.

We got through last week, although everything seemed to be a blur with all that was going on with our lives. As you can see, all the walls on the first floor have been stacked. They got some of our interior walls got partitioned out and they got the second floor joists on. Take note of the pic of our laminated beam which will be exposed once the ceilings are up. It's 5 inches thick and 15 inches high, and pretty cool!

Once the joists were up, they got the decking installed. As they were stacking the logs, the electrician cut in the outlets and ran his wires for them. As opposed to drilling holes in each row as he did on the first floor, he cut a groove along the logs and tucked the wire in there. Not sure how he is going to get it downstairs, but I'm sure he has a plan.

On that note, it's interesting to watch how things all go together and how things will be done. One interesting note is where they studded out wall between the main living area and the back of the house. Then they started stacking the second floor logs on this wall with a space between the second floor decking and the bottom row of logs. I've determined this is how the roof line will from the back of the house will tie into this area. We'll keep posting pics as this happens. I expect that the roof system will start going on this week if they keep moving at the pace they are.

Still not done with backfilling! We hauled in 15 loads of fill and that should get us up to the grade we want to be, but still need one more load of stone for right next to the foundation before we can finish. We've decided that we will probably get a few more loads in the back of the house to try and get things looking a little more natural. One that note, the big happy dog can finally jump in the sunroom door since this area is all backfilled now. The first time he still needed a boost like when he gets in the car, but the second time it's like something clicked in his brain and he jumped right up! It's been a few times since then, and he's jumped right up each time. How cool!

They are now at the point where they are stacking logs for the second floor. You can check out the pics! The windows are cut in and the egress windows needed in the two upstairs bedrooms are super large. Guess all the better to take in the views!

Well, that's it for now. Check back in a few days, we'll have some more pics up.

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