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Are You a Collector? How to Properly Display Collectables at Home

Collectors are understandably very protective of their pieces, because they often hold sentimental value and can be very expensive. On the other hand, you also want guests to be able to see your collection in all its splendor. If you are a collector, follow these tips to display your collectibles at home in an ideal manner.

Use Display Cases

For small or particularly delicate items, display cases are likely your best bet. They will shield your items from dust, shelf wear and damage. They will also signal to guests that these items are important and should not be touched or disturbed. You do not want your friend picking up and perhaps accidentally breaking a piece before you can tell them not to. Pieces in cases may also be harder for thieves to steal.

Have a Dedicated Room

If you can spare it, a whole room dedicated to housing your collectibles is desirable for a number of reasons. It can be closed off to prevent children or pets from entering and getting into your collection. Having your collection all in one place often displays it more impressively than spreading it throughout your home. If you cannot spare an entire room, or you do not have enough items for it to be worth taking over a whole room, you can still use a designated space in your house for your collectibles. This can be a single wall or even a corner.

Have Proper Lighting

For art pieces or other larger items that could really shine under the spotlight, the right lighting is a great way to show off your collectibles. You can simply choose well-lit spots in your home for your items, or you can create that lighting. Electrical work in your home is not something you should attempt to do yourself, so a professional electrician, like Fowler Electric LTD, should be consulted.

Have Insurance

You likely don’t want to think of anything bad ever happening to your collection, but the possibility always exists. Collections and highly valued items can be insured separately from your base homeowners’ insurance policy—a special collectible policy will cover your collection specifically in the case of a catastrophe. In fact, most homeowners’ insurance policies limit or even exclude collectibles from the cove.... The hardest part of getting collectibles insurance is to determine your collection’s value, but once you do, the peace of mind is often well worth it.

Your collection is your treasure, so make sure it gets treated like one. Take measures to display your items both safely and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Make sure they are protected physically and buy insurance against theft or damage. By following these tips, your displayed collectibles can then be enjoyed for years to come.

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