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At Home: What Makes Your Decor Inviting to Guests

While you understandably want to decorate your home tastefully so that it expresses your unique sense of style and personality beautifully, you also want your home to be inviting and comfortable to guests. Many people have gorgeous homes, but their homes are so pristine and polished that they create a formal, imposing feel. This formality can, unfortunately, make a home seem less inviting than you may prefer it to be. These are a few factors to focus on as you work toward making your home as welcoming as possible.

Your Color Scheme

Your color combinations directly impact mood and ambiance. Some colors, such as light yellow, pale blue and muted green may have a much more relaxed feel than bright red, dark gray and other intense colors. While your color choice needs to appeal to you personally, there may be flexibility to choose colors that make your home feel more relaxed and comfortable to your guests.

Comfortable Seating

Your furniture selection also plays a direct role in your home’s ambiance. You likely want your guests to sit down and make themselves at home for conversation, camaraderie and more. Choosing chairs and couches that have a relaxed, inviting feel is an excellent idea. Consider that wicker chairs with comfortable cushions may be more inviting that stuffy and overly ornate chairs and sofas with firm cushions. Both the comfort and the style of your seating options will impact how inviting your home seems to guests.

Appealing Upholstery

Homes with upholstery may have a much more comfortable look and feel than homes that are only decorated with hard surfaces, such as metal and wood. Upholstery includes window coverings, throw pillows, area rugs, cushions on dining room chairs, sofas, chairs and more. Keep in mind that the upholstery’s texture, sheen, color and overall plushness also play a role in your home’s welcoming or foreboding ambiance. Curtain and drapery material can impact how much natural light enters the space, and this also plays a role in ambiance.

You can see that you do not need to forsake comfort and overall appeal to create a gorgeous home. There are numerous stunning design ideas as well as a seemingly endless range of furniture and upholstery options that you can incorporate into your décor. As you choose decorative elements for your home, pay attention to their impact on your home’s ambiance so that you can create an inviting, beautiful space that you and your guests enjoy spending time in.

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