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Building a Cabin? 4 Essentials You’ll Need for Creature Comforts

If you’re building your own cabin, then the construction work itself is probably half the reason you’re engaging with the project. Seeing the structure slowly take shape thanks to the work of your own two hands is an enormously gratifying process. While working on the bare essentials, however, you should make sure you keep your future self in mind. Once the cabin is complete, you’ll want a full assortment of creature comforts to make your time there more enjoyable. Here are four components that will make your cabin to be as homey as it can be.

A Well for Groundwater

A lack of clean drinking water can seriously detract from the cabin experience. Not only does buying bottled water get expensive, but it also creates the constant need to run out for another few bottles. This regular contact with the outside world is hardly part of the ideal cabin lifestyle. To solve this problem once and for all, investigate the possibility of digging a well beside your cabin. With a tapped subterranean reservoir and water well pumps, you should be able to supply drinkable water right to the cabin’s faucet.


As much as a rustic aesthetic might appeal to you, having to light the cabin with candles and cook your dinners on an open fire will get old quickly. Electricity has become essential for almost every aspect of modern living. Having power in the cabin will allow you to see you way around in the dark. It also gives you the opportunity to refrigerate your food.

Wireless Internet

As much as you’ll enjoy communing with nature, you might find yourself occasionally craving access to the outside world. Wireless internet will allow you to look up information, contact friends, and keep up with the news. It will also make your friends more likely to want to visit.

A Hot Water Heater

Showering with cold water can turn a normally-pleasant experience into a frigid nightmare. Even if you don’t install a hot water heater for the entire cabin, you should at least splurge on a smaller heater for the shower head. Your future self will be eternally grateful.

While you’ll never make your cabin as comfortable as a five-star resort or a luxurious mansion, you can still give yourself some basic creature comforts that will improve your quality of life. Keep these four essentials in mind as you seek to make your cabin the perfect hangout spot.

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