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Building a Log Home: the Step-by-Step Breakdown

The entire construction process for a modest log home (built by a pro) ranges from four to six months, but it can run a year or more for large or complex designs. Factors that affect construction time include season, weather, availability of labor and the level of experience of the builder and subcontractors.

The typical construction sequence involves the following steps:

1. Clearing & excavating

  • Cut or grade entrance road or driveway
  • Install culverts as needed
  • Clear building site and material storage area
  • Remove trees as needed
  • Remove topsoil and store for reuse
  • Excavate basement, haul or store soil
  • Install septic tank and drain field

2. Pouring footings

  • Stake foundation corners (surveyor may do this as part of plot plan)
  • Install batter boards and layout lines
  • Locate, stake and dig footings and pier pads
  • Arrange footing inspection
  • Pour concrete for footings

3. Installing foundation

  • Lay out foundation on footings
  • Install concrete forms for poured wall
  • Set concrete block for foundation
  • Install permanent wood foundation
  • Install waterproofing, parging or insulation board
  • Install drain tile around footings

4. Termite inspection

  • Treat soil around foundation

5. Installing subfloor

  • Install termite shield if included
  • Install caulking and insulation
  • Install, square and level sill plate
  • Install posts, girder, rim and floor joists
  • Install headers, trimmers and bridging
  • Install subfloor material

6. Backfilling & rough grading

  • Backfill around foundation
  • Rough grade slope for drainage
  • Trench or excavate garage foundation, porch and deck piers

7. Preparing for your log package

  • Confirm exact delivery time and unloading equipment requirements
  • Confirm payment terms for materials and delivery
  • Arrange certified checks if required
  • Prepare material storage area
  • Prepare access road
  • Assemble equipment to unload logs see the following 20+ steps, see the original article on!

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