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Bursting Pipes? 3 Things You Need to Do Immediately

One of the most common plumbing problems is burst pipes. There are many things that can contribute to this disaster; however, the most common is freezing temperatures. Pipe failure can come with age, damage, or misuse too. Over time, the pipes can break down and cause holes that will burst. The damage it causes is epic. It can leave you with a flooded home, no water, and a large mess to contend with. A burst pipe is the worst thing that can happen to your plumbing system. Should you encounter a busted pipe, here are three things you need to do immediately.

1. Turn off the Water

You should familiarize yourself with the water shut off valve in your home. When dealing with a burst pipe, you can spew up to 105 gallons within an hour. That is the equivalent of two full baths. If you are not home the day when this disaster occurs, you can have more than 2,500 gallons gushing through the home. What if you were gone for a week? In a week’s time, a busted pipe can put out more than 12,468 gallons of water. That is the equivalent of taking 336 baths with the tub at full capacity. Not only is this a costly problem but it will destroy anything in its path. The longer the water sits in the home, the more damage it causes. The shut-off valve will stop the water so that you can deal with the situation.

2. Call an Emergency Plumber

When the temperatures are cold outside, water can freeze inside the pipes. This water becomes solid ice. Ice expands and can break the pipe at the weak joints. Breaks almost always occur in plastic or soft copper pipes. It is best to use heat tape or insulate the pipes that are exposed to the elements. Some areas of the home will have problematic areas. Make sure to account for these areas and take proper precautions. When faced with a huge disaster like a broken pipe, you should call an emergency plumber for help. You have a huge mess, and you will need help cleaning it up.

An emergency plumber can fix your pipe and make sure your HVAC system has not been damaged too. According to the plumbers in Orem, Utah at Highpoint Plumbing, depending on the amount of water, you may need to make repairs to your unit too. An emergency plumber can help with water extraction and ensure that mold doesn't become a problem. Though it may seem like a do-it-yourself project, you need professional assistance.

3. Clean up the Water Mess

The average insurance claim for busted pipes is around $17,000. Claims, where the homeowner used the shut-off value to turn off the water, were drastically lower. In fact, they were as low as $1,800. When faced with a water mess, don’t use electrical devices. Make sure to stay away from light switches and sockets too. The goal is to remove the excess water as soon as possible. You will have less damage if you get the water up quickly. Depending on the gallons of water that were distributed throughout the home, you may need a professional machine to extract it. If the water levels are not significant, it may be something you can handle with a shop vac. Use whatever methods possible to get rid of the water. Move furniture out into the sun to dry quickly, and inspect drywall and other structural items to ensure the home is safe.

No one wants to deal with a busted pipe. However, it is a common problem that most must face. The best thing is to have a plumber on speed dial and a plan of action. The longer it takes you to take action, the more damage it will cause.

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