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Part of the fun of cabin life is the experience. These places are meant for creating family memories. Take one of my favorite memories, for example.

When I was a young girl, I used to love visits to my grandparents' lake house in Oklahoma. My grandfather used to take us out on the boat, where my older cousins got to sun bathe on the front deck of the boat - only the big girls, of which I was never one, were allowed - while I got to help my grandfather drive. Meanwhile, my younger brother - who, of course, was even smaller than I was - was under the watchful eye of my grandmother, who regaled him with tales about how she and my grandfather met and began dating. (I think I got the better end of that deal.)

We also used to hang around on the dock by the boat slip and watch all the different fish go by. Eventually, my grandfather invested in some fishing rods and would occasionally let us try our hand at it.

One day, I was fishing on the dock when I leaned back just a little too far in my chair and caused it - and me - to topple over. Thankfully, I got caught between the buoy and the boat, instead of plunging into the lake. The chair, however, was not so lucky, and it sank to the bottom. (The water was clear enough, so we could literally see it sitting on the bottom of the lake.)

More important, however, was that the fishing rod ended up landing safely on the dock, because, as my mom joked, I might not be allowed back into the house if it, too, had gone missing. I'm sure there is many a true fisherman who would have wholeheartedly agreed with that decision.

These are the fun kinds of stories that make cabin living an aspiration. We love to hear our readers' experiences as well and include them in each issue of Country's Best Cabins as a "Cabin Caper."

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