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It’s hard to believe it’s already March. 2012 is well under way, with its early months spent trying to determine what the year will bring. Or at least that’s what my email inbox is telling me, with the plethora of announcements regarding this year’s home decor and design trends. One of increasing interest over the past couple of years: color.

Leading into the housing bubble burst, homeowners had been wary to infuse any drastic color into their homes. (Neutral palettes are certainly an easier sell when you’re trying to flip properties, as they’re more adaptable for the next owner.) But now that people are remaining in their current homes longer, they’re beginning to branch out and experiment, both on the interior and exterior of their homes, with different hues to inject it with more of their individual personalities.

Cabins present an additional “problem” for some homeowners when it comes to choosing color schemes, as most cabin owners are not accustomed to decorating a space so heavily dominated by natural elements such as wood. The key: accounting for the color of your wood as part of your palette. Most decorators recommend a balance of 60-30-10 (60 percent of the room showcases a base color — likely the wood, in this case; 30 percent displays a secondary color, and 10 percent is dedicated to an accent color). There are several different ways you can play this balance, using a color wheel as your guide:

Complementary: Colors opposite each other on the color wheel. A split complementary takes two opposing colors of equidistance to create a triad.

Analogous: Colors adjacent to each other form an almost monochromatic color scheme.

Triad: Colors selected form an equilateral triangle within the center of the color wheel. The 60-30-10 balance is essential to making this work; otherwise, the vibrancy of the colors can easily clash.

(Original color wheel images courtesy of

You may also want to consider rectangular or square configurations to get more colors into your interior outside of the wood.

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