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Cabin Commode: 4 Style Ideas for Your Log Home's Bathroom

A log cabin has a unique appeal when it comes to the fact that you have a number of stylist options. The bathroom should also be something unique for your log home. Here are some ideas for style choices when it comes to designing your bathroom.

Go with Traditional

Many log homes use wood in order to bring the outdoors inside. Going with different types of wood can help to create areas of interest in your bathroom. For example, you can pair a wood finished vanity with a rustic wood finish on the walls. Another solution is to use different wood stains in order to create a little bit of distinction in a small area.

Invest in Waterproof Options

A bathroom can be a very damp place. In order to ensure that your finishes can last the test of time, consider waterproof options that will still impart beauty. Visiting tile shops in NJ, or in other locales, will give you a good idea about the different options that are available for your use. There are even wood-like tiles that can be installed on the floor to enable you to maintain the style of your home. You can continue with the theme by installing these tiles on the walls of your bathroom as well.

Create Decorative Accents

Decorative accents are a good way to go when you want to set your bathroom apart. This could be that you have an accent wall that becomes a feature for the whole room. You can achieve this through the use of paint or some other type of finish. Another solution that many people will use is to add in smaller decorative tiles to their shower surround. This will work to draw the eye without detracting from the rest of the room.

Consider Textured Features

Another design choice is through the use of texture. You can go about this design style in several different manners. For example, textured flooring is one option that can create some interest. The most common use of textured flooring is in the shower pan. It offers you a two-fold benefit in that it's beautiful and provides some anti-slip protection. Stone is another common option when it comes to introducing texture into your bathroom space. This can be used for your countertop to introduce a unique feature.

There are limitless options when it comes to designing your log home's bathroom. Shop around so that you can find the look that you want to create within your budget.

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