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Cabin Conundrum: 5 Tips for Building a Long-Lasting Log Home

If you are getting ready to build a log home, exciting times are certainly in store for you. Living in the great outdoors can make you feel more alive and vibrant than ever before. As you begin the planning and building process, you will want to take certain measure to help ensure that it is done right the first time. This will help you have many years of enjoyable living, so keep reading to discover five great tips for building a long lasting log home.

Consider Where Your Home Should Be Situated on the Lot

Before you even break ground, you want to really look over your lot. Think about the views that you will have from the home and decide accordingly where you want each room to be situated. Proper home placement on the lot is key to your long-term enjoyment.

Don’t Be So Quick to Chop down the Trees

You might think at first that many of the trees on your lot will need to be chopped down. Do not be so hasty in making this decision. Work as hard as you can to preserve as many of the trees as you can. This will add to your view down the road, not to mention be a boon for the environment.

Plan for Your Roof

The roof is a critical component to your log home. It will need to be strong enough to withstand the inclement weather that often comes with being in the woods, and you will want to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Consult with a roofing contractor like Surface Shield Protective Coatings or someone that specializes in log cabins in order to get started on the right foot.

Think about the Windows

As you design the home, think about where you place each window. You will want to allow in ample sunlight, while also taking account to conserve energy wherever possible. Take the time to look at the angles in each room and select the proper placement accordingly.

Create Multi-Use Rooms and Spaces

You do not need to add a massive amount of square footage to your log home in order to accomplish the living objective that you have set for yourself. In fact, you might want to go on the small side in order to preserve the natural look of the area. Make each room and space in the home work for you by developing multiple uses for the space.

These five tips will really help get your log home build started on the right foot. Enjoy the process of watching the home be built. At the end of it, you and your family should have many happy years together in the log cabin that you designed from the ground up.

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