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Cabin Going Septic? 5 Reasons to Call a Professional Now

If your home is on a septic system, then you trust its reliability to deliver every day for you and your family. Yet, there are times when you may need to call a professional to come work on your septic system. Here are five times when you need to make sure to call them. 

Slow Drains

One drain in your home draining slowly may indicate that you need to unclog it. When they all drain slowly, then it is time to call a septic professional like those at Rob’s Septic Tanks Inc. This is particularly true if your home stinks like sewer or you discover puddles on your floors that appear to be sewage.


While clogged drains can cause sewer problems in your home or business, there can be other issues as well. If a drain is allowed to get dry, then it can cause odors to back up into your property. Ice and snow around the septic system’s main pipe can cause blockages. Septic systems have a vent, but if it becomes blocked, then you may notice foul odors.

Gurgling Noises

If you hear strange gurgling sounds from your sewer pipes, then it may be time to call a professional. While it can indicate a blocked vent, it more often indicates that the pipes connecting the building to your septic system have come loose or are blocked. Gurgling sounds can also be a sign of a pipe that is about to become totally blocked.

Changes in Grass

You will probably want to walk near your septic system on a regular basis as changes in the grass can indicate a problem. While greener grass may indicate that the sewer tank was removed for repairs and seeded back with a different type of grass, more likely it is an indication of a leaking cover. Wet areas may help grass grow more quickly, but it is often a sign of a failing drain field. Brown grass above the system can indicate that the tank is not buried deep enough or may be an indication of more serious problems.

Needing to Pump Frequently

Septic systems are generally designed to need pumping about every three to five years. If you are finding that your system needs to be pumped more often than that, then it may indicate a problem where solid waste is not leaving the system as intended. It may also indicate a blocked soil absorption system.

Knowing these five warning signs is essential to taking care of your septic system. Most problems start out small when their fixes are easier and cheaper. If they are not fixed, however, then they often cause other problems compounding the issue and adding to the expense.

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