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Cabin of Comfort: 4 Essentials to Maintain Your Log Home’s HVAC System

Even though cabins are among the most inherently energy efficient homes, they do need the HVAC system to maintain comfort during weather extremes. Like all things mechanical, it does need routine maintenance to run most efficiently.

Air Filter

Nothing safeguards your HVAC system like a clean air filter. They trap the airborne particulates that can harm the components inside the air handler and drive up energy bills. When your system is running routinely, check the condition of the filter monthly and change it when necessary. When too much dirt builds on the air filter, the volume of air flowing through it decreases and it will take your HVAC system longer to reach the thermostat’s setting. Excess dust can also enter the air handler where it will cover the parts. The dust acts as insulation that keeps the parts hotter and will shorten their lifetimes.

Outdoor Condenser

Central air conditioners and heat pumps use outdoor condensers that need to be clean to operate most efficiently and prevent heating repair. Keep the area around the condenser clean and free from anything that obstructs the air from flowing through the condenser. Make sure the coil inside the condenser is clean. If it’s dirty, it will increase the amount of time the A/C or heat pump has to work, driving up energy costs.

Use It Wisely

Although HVAC systems are rugged, they do need to be operated within the parameters the manufacturer recommends. Should your cabin be excessively cold or hot, set the thermostat for the temperature you want to maintain. It won’t heat up or cool down any faster by setting the temperature to extremes. Avoid blocking off rooms that you don’t use frequently to save on energy bills. In the long run, doing so may escalate HVAC repair costs. These systems run best with a specific amount of air pressure. Closing off the ducts to a room increases the pressure, which may cause ductwork leaks that need immediate attention.

Professional Maintenance

Never underestimate the value of professional annual HVAC maintenance. The manufacturer may require proof of maintenance if the system is still under warranty. These machines are complicated and need to be cleaned and adjusted to keep them in top running condition and operating efficiently.

Taking care of your HVAC system is as simple as changing the air filter and keeping the outdoor condenser clean and free from debris. The steps you take lower energy costs, premature repairs and system replacement.

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