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hi my name is steve. i live in north wales in the uk. i am have 2 log cabin built. but the builder has done a runner without finishing them. i now have someone else doing the job. he has bleached them but now the are like little hairs on the logs which are pine. can someone tell me why this has happen and how to get rid of them. as you can guess there are very few log cabins in wales and i cant find out anything over here. please can someone help. thanks steve

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Comment by Mark Circo on November 12, 2013 at 5:16pm

Hi Steve

The bleach raised the grain on the pine logs. Many people, including staining contractors will try and use bleach instead of a log wash solution because it is quick and easy. In some cases even if you do not raise the grain (little hairs) the stain will not stick to the wood correctly. It will look like it was lighten by the sun in one spot or another. I used a product called Perma-chink Log Wash. All their products are guaranteed to together properly. I don't know if they distributors in the UK. It would be worth ordering from the USA and shipping it over. Nice people to deal with very helpful. I used the following process.

1) Log Wash

2) Borate treatment

3) Stain  (two coats)

4) Sealer

After the initial application you only need to seal coat the structure every 5 years.

Best Regards,


Comment by Cecil Stubbs on November 12, 2013 at 5:05pm

Hi Steve it seems that the bleach concentration was too strong.  This will 'burn' the wood surface and fray the grain out, which looks like little hairs sticking up.  The only solution that I know of is to sand the entire surface, it will not take a stain properly if not sanded down.  hope this helps.

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