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Can't Decide? How to Choose The Best Spot For Your Cabin

When you have made up your mind to build a cabin and create a new life for yourself, there’s one important step you need to take first. That step is choosing where to put your cabin. Location is all-important, as it can impact on how much you enjoy your space, how relaxing it is, and how you feel when you look outside or step out. If you can’t decide, consider these factors in your decision.


There’s not much point in dreaming about a space that isn’t zoned for this kind of use, as you could spend years trying to get it rezoned just to put your cabin there. It’s a huge struggle, and not one that many people enjoy. The better option is to find land which is already ready for you.

You may wish to buy some land that already has permission for a cabin to be built, as otherwise you will need to seek out the right permits from whatever local authority requires it. Think about this before you consider choosing your location. It could well be that your perfect location is only available for rent, not sale, meaning you will have to pay someone else every year that you keep your cabin there.

Existing builds

It may well be that someone out there has already found the perfect spot for a cabin and built their own on it. If that’s the case, you could consider simply buying an existing cabin rather than building your own. Otherwise, you may find that you have to build your cabin next to other cabins belonging to people who had the same idea as you. You may enjoy this sense of community, or you may spend your time wishing that you were more isolated. It’s down to personal preference whether you go for somewhere near existing cabins or out on your own.

Ups and downs

Every area has its own potential benefits and downsides. For example, if you have dreamed of living in a wooded area, have you considered how you will handle lighting, wild animals, and insects? If you want to live on a mountain, how will emergency services get to you in case of an accident? If a national park is your idea of heaven, what kind of restrictions will be in place around what you can build and how you can live?

Think about this before settling on one location. Even when the benefits – like sweeping views or proximity to your favourite places – seem fantastic, the downsides can really rule a spot out.


This is a really crucial thing to think about. If you don’t look at the topography of the land, you may make a rash choice and realise that your dream cabin can never come to be. Think about the angle of the land, whether there are any flat areas you can use, how much you would need to clear, and so on. A first-time cabin owner may want a space that is easy to build on; you may prefer more of a challenge if you have done this before. Just make sure the land can be used before you buy it.

There are lots of criteria to think about before you find the best spot for your cabin. Once you have considered these options, you should be able to narrow down the search to a shortlist of places which fit the bill. From there, you should go with your heart – so long as the choice is a sensible one, you can go with simply whichever location makes you excited to place your cabin there.

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