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Changing Seasons: How to Make Sure Your HVAC System is Always Ready to Go

The time you take to get your furnace ready for the heating season will reward you all winter long. Taking care of it will lower the cost of keeping your home comfortable and might prevent an unfortunate breakdown when you most need heat.


Air Filters

Check the air filter monthly when the furnace is running routinely. A dirty filter will slow the air flowing through the air handler, which drives up heating costs. Longer running times increase the wear and tear on all the furnace’s parts, as well as requiring more fuel.


Make sure you use the right size for the replacement filter. A filter that doesn’t fit precisely will pull dust into the air handler where it can cover the furnace’s parts. Dust-covered parts retain heat, which shortens their lifetimes.


Professional Maintenance

Gas furnaces need regular professional maintenance once a year to perform as efficiently and safely as possible. Professionals like companies like Seliga Heating and Cooling can service any brand and model. HVAC pros go through each component of a furnace, cleaning the parts, making adjustments and making sure the safety switches function. They check the flues or chimneys for proper venting and make sure the gas lines are tight. Their goals are to bring furnaces back to their original energy efficiency as much as possible.


Check the Register Covers

Dust often collects on the register covers or grills that slows down the airflow coming from the ductwork and degrades your indoor air quality. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean them or the brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner.


As you clean the registers, make sure the louvers are completely open. Some people close the registers in rooms they use infrequently in order to save energy dollars. Unfortunately, the reverse may occur. Forced-air HVAC systems are designed to work most efficiently with a specific amount of air flowing them. When the volume falls, problems may occur in the ductwork or with the mechanical components inside the air handler.


Throughout the heating season, check the registers periodically to make sure they’re clean and nothing is blocking them. Floor registers collect more dust than wall or ceiling fixtures, and it’s easy to cover them with clothes, toys, newspapers or books.


These tips will help you get your furnace ready for the cold months ahead and save money on heating costs. Professional servicing prevents avoidable problems and contributes to a longer furnace lifetime.

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