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Checklist for Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the major investments made when thinking of setting up a new restaurant at a fabulous location. Commercial kitchen equipment is desired for heavy use. These are industrial-use equipment and good for everyday rigorous use.  This equipment can withstand the higher traffic in a restaurant and focus on having the essential kind of kitchen equipment needed in the kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Choosing the right kitchen equipment is vital for success, and different types of restaurants with different cuisines and specialties may need additional pieces of equipment. Every restaurant must have the most essentials that can provide a foundation and meet their specific needs.  Whether one opts for new or used commercial kitchen equipment, make sure that you have all the essentials. Given below is a list created by kitchen experts that cover everything when outfitting a kitchen.

The commercial kitchen equipment list

Restaurant equipment can be grouped based on different lichen needs, such as cooking, refrigeration, storage, food preparation, and all. Just be wary as you might need additional gas hoses and special outlets to successfully install the cooking equipment.

For cooking :

The cooking equipment in a kitchen in most restaurants includes an oven, cooking range, deep fryer, grill, griddles, broiler, toaster, and microwave. The equipment is used for the baking, roasting, grill, or keep the food at a specific temperature.

For refrigeration:

As refrigeration and storage are essential in every commercial kitchen, one should choose the equipment carefully and as per needs. There are many different refrigeration equipment types such as refrigerators, such as reach-in fridges, walk-in coolers, pass-through options, or prep fridges. Freezers come in different sizes to meet various needs and food capacities. Ice machines are essential equipment to store and refrigerate beverages.

For storage:

The commercial kitchen equipment list would remain incomplete without proper storage equipment. Some of the typical storage equipment includes shelving, utility carts, acks, food storage containers, sheet pan, and drying racks. The storage equipment is meant to handle and store different foods, pots, pans, dinnerware and is needed due to their utility.

Precise measurement:

Preparation of food is a tough job; you must have the right set of equipment and tools so that every measure is in precision, and you get the same flavorsome taste every time.  The most common equipment seen in professional kitchens includes food processors, prep tables, mixers, spice grinders, blenders, and brewers. These equipment are needed for chopping equipment, assembling dishes, fresh ground spices, and make sauces and marinades.

 For chopping and cutting:

The small wares are an essential part of any commercial kitchen equipment list and include all the tools the chef would need to prepare the dishes.  Thus, do not forget to buy chef knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, pots, pans, whisks, food pans, kitchen spoons, tuners, and tongs. You can look for different sizes for different applications, based on the kitchen needs.

Typically, the commercial kitchen equipment price or costs can easily cross $250,000. However, a lot relies on the kitchen's size and the expanse of the kitchen operation and if one is willing to invest in completely new equipment or can work with used kitchen equipment. However, you will be surprised about how fast the money runs out when shopping for kitchen equipment.  It is always good to invest in good quality kitchen equipment to last longer, and you don’t end up repairing it again and again.

Whatever option you look for, just make sure that you buy quality commercial kitchen equipment for your needs to enjoy a seamless operation in the kitchen area.

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