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Copacetic Cabin: 4 Features that Make Yours Unique

A cabin in a scenic natural area can be the perfect escape from today’s hectic schedules. These properties are available all over the country and offer a refreshing break from the everyday routine. You can make your getaway cabin unique by incorporating a number of features that maximize its design.


Let in the Light


Natural light is one of the most under-appreciated elements of decorating. But it can make the most difference in how you feel, even if your cabin involves a compact space. Take a close look at the windows and sun exposure in your cabin to maximize the energizing effects of natural light. Avoid heavy draperies and opt for sheers, shades, blinds or shutters that can be closed to allow privacy, but left open to let in the light.


Multi-Functional Interior Living Spaces


One way to make the most of a small cabin’s interior area is to provide multi-use furnishings that can serve more than one purpose. A futon can provide extra sleeping space for guests. An ottoman can allow extra storage room for bedding or hobby activities. A lift-top coffee table can be converted into a desk or tabletop for jigsaw puzzles. Today’s convertible designs make using space efficiently easier than ever.


Outdoor Living Space


One of the great pleasures of having a cabin is that it allows you to spend more time outdoors. Make sure your cabin has an outdoor living space, so you can take advantage of stress-relieving properties of being in nature. Even a small deck or patio can be used for barbecuing, sitting around a fire pit or enjoying the sun. A vinyl gazebo can be the perfect place to relax with friends, do hobbies or catch up on a bit a work while you enjoy your time away from the office. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and the health-promoting effects of fresh air.


Touches of Luxury


A vacation cabin doesn’t have to mean doing without the little luxuries that make your stay more enjoyable. A bit of marble in the bathroom or some plush upholstery on your furniture can make you feel cozy and pampered. Add a lush area rug in the living room and extra pillows for propping while you read or converse with friends and family. These small touches can increase the value and comfort of your cabin getaway.


A vacation cabin can be large or small, simple or elegant. The most important feature should be its ability to make you feel at home, even when you’re away from home. Add these touches to ensure that your cabin suits both your needs and your personality.

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